6 features that set the 787 Dreamliner apart from the rest

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has revolutionised flying for both passengers and pilots. Taking a leap into the future from its predecessors, the designers incorporated a number of new features that make the Dreamliner one of the most fuel efficient and comfortable aircraft in the skies.

In the cabin, fresher, cleaner air means that you arrive at your destination less weary from the journey and dimmable windows enable you to still see out whilst the cabin remains dark. The gust suppression system also ensures that your flight is less bumpy than most other aircraft types, helping you to rest easy.

In flight deck, a head-up display increases the pilots’ situational awareness and specially designed surfaces on the wings make the aircraft more fuel efficient. With greater use of electrical systems, there is less use of the hydraulics systems, reducing weight and thus increasing fuel efficiency.

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