8 myths about being a pilot, debunked

Even after 15 years in the job, it still amazes me the number of myths that still seem to circulate around being a pilot and how aircraft work in general. According to some of the stories, we all get free flights, have perfect vision and don’t suffer from jet lag as badly as passengers.

Some of these are true, others less so. Here are eight of the most common myths about being a pilot, explained.

1. Both pilots can’t eat the same meal

Don’t eat the fish! Ever since that famous scene in the movie “Airplane!”, it has been a widely accepted fact that pilots are not allowed to eat the same meal. The thinking being that should a certain meal be contaminated, it will stop both (or all three or four) pilots from being incapacitated, and it makes total sense.

However, these days, airline food is made in purpose-built facilities that churn out thousands of meals a day. Such large commercial kitchens are subject to rigorous health inspections to ensure that food is being stored and prepared in a hygienic manner. As a result, the chances of food poisoning are incredibly small.

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