Brace for impact! How the landing gear on the 787 Dreamliner works

“I didn’t even realise we’d landed!” Of all the comments pilots like to receive from passengers, this has to be right up there. Everyone loves a smooth landing, it makes us pilots feel proud and passengers feel safe.

However, no matter how smoothly we fly, bringing a 190-ton aircraft down onto the runway at 170 mph requires some serious technology to keep all those onboard safe.

The landing gear of a modern airliner is not only built to absorb the forces of a gentle touch down, but it is also designed to take some serious punishment in the most extreme conditions.

Built for a pounding

The landing gear on a commercial airliner is built to take a beating. The forces put through the assembly, particularly in windy conditions, can often be extreme. As a result, manufacturers need to know that the gear is up to the challenge.

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