How pilots prepare to land during severe storms

Last weekend saw the worst storm the U.K. has experienced in years. Storm Ciara brought 90 mph winds, heavy rain and flooding to almost all of the U.K. Whilst most people had the benefit of being at home, for pilots, it was one of the most testing days of their careers.

Social media posts were full of praise for how pilots handled their aircraft in the most extreme of situations. Always keeping their passengers safe, always reassuring them, always keeping them informed. People quite often take their safety for granted when they board an aircraft but it’s in conditions like this that they truly appreciate the skills of their crew.

And another storm — albeit not expected to be as severe — is supposed to affect air traffic on Saturday. Here’s what the pilots on a typical Boeing 787 Dreamliner from New York (JFK) to London Heathrow (LHR) would have been doing behind the flight deck door.

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