‘Jump and slide!’ — 11 instructions you need to follow to survive an emergency

For those of you who travel regularly, I get it. You’ve seen that safety video a million times. It’s not as funny as the airline thinks it is, you know where the doors are and you know how to put your mask on. You’d really rather be reading a magazine or sending an email and just get this aircraft in the air so you can get to your destination as quickly as possible.

However, how would you feel if your pilots had the same attitude to dealing with an engine failure on takeoff? We practised it in the simulator six months ago. That’s enough, right?

Before each and every takeoff, we talk through what we will do in the case of engine failure and discuss exactly how we will do it. We also discuss how we will fly the aircraft, which buttons we will press and how we will identify which engine has failed.

We don’t expect it to happen but by having it fresh in our minds each time we take to the sky, we are best prepared to deal with the event safely — should it happen. And this should be the same for passengers sitting in the cabin.

With just a few minutes of careful thought and attention, you can improve your chances of safely evacuating an aircraft should the worst happen.

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