Missed Approach: What happens during a go-around?

A few weeks ago, a video made the rounds on social media of a student pilot whose aircraft ended up nose first in the grass. The clip shows this individual making an approach to a runway, only to veer off to the side, tipping the aircraft onto its propellor.

Happily to say, the only thing hurt was the pilot’s pride. What the video did highlight though was the thought process and decisions behind go-arounds. Many people were asking the question, “Why didn’t he just go-around?”

Now, I’m not going to sit here from the comfort of my desk and start to criticise another pilot’s actions in the heat of the moment. I know full well that how you actually react in the pressure of a situation is often quite different to how you think you would react.

What I will do though is discuss the thought process that goes into a go-around and how, with training, experience and planning, it is normally a far safer option than continuing to land.

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