The 10 most spectacular airport approaches from the cockpit

As an airline pilot, I’m fortunate to have one of the best office views in the world. Looking down from 43,000 feet gives you an appreciation of just how vast some countries are and how densely populated some cities have become.

Traversing the expanses of northern Canada or the far reaches of Russia, you can go hours without seeing any signs of human inhabitation. Crossing the Atlantic to South America, the water just seems to go on forever.

However, it’s when making the approach to land that some of the best views are on offer. Curving in through mountain valleys or picking out famous landmarks, it’s sometimes a real honour to be treated to some of these stunning vistas.

In my 15 years of flying, these are my top 10. I’ve also recommended which side of the aircraft you should try and get a window seat to get the best (okay, second best after the flight deck) view in the house.

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