The 11 questions pilots get asked all the time

As Christmas party season is well under way, I’m reminded of one of my favourite aviation jokes… how do you know there’s a pilot at a party? They’ll tell you.

Whilst that joke isn’t likely to make your top 10 jokes of 2019, there’s an embarrassingly high amount of truth to the punchline. Maybe it’s because we’re proud of what we do, or maybe it’s because it always sparks conversation.

Whilst not everyone has experience of piloting an aircraft, most people have some experience of being a passenger on one. It’s something people relate to and which we have in common. Namely locking yourself in a pressurised metal tube and propelling it six miles above the earth at 550 mph. When you break it down, the concept is pretty absurd.

As this common experience sparks a conversation, no matter what the circle, quite often the same questions get asked over and over again.

So, to give you some conversational ammunition for your Christmas party, I’ve answered the most common of these questions so you’re ready to impress your audience — the pilot hat is optional.

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