The 787 Dreamliner: What Are the Differences Between a -8, -9 and -10?

To the casual observer, the only difference between the 787-8, -9 and -10 is just the name. They all have two engines, all have the same number of wheels and all have the same number of cabin doors. However, look a little closer and there are some significant differences. Some obvious to you, the passenger, and others only which we, your pilots, know about.

Why the Different Types?

Built for a Purpose

Right from the very start of the 787 development program, Boeing had planned three variants of the 787 — the -3 (yes, you read that correctly), the -8 and the -9. The -8 was developed as the base model, with the -9 being a stretched version and the -3 being a shortened version.

At the time of its creation, Airbus and Boeing had backed themselves on two polar opposite business models.

Airbus, with the A380, predicted that future demand would be limited by airport capacity. As a result, its solution was to create a bigger aircraft on which airlines could fit more passengers and fly between major hubs. Why have two flights when you could fit all those passengers into one?

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