The Aircraft Turnaround: What Goes on Between Flights

Just more than 10 hours after leaving Los Angeles, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner finally touches down into London Heathrow. It’s a few minutes after 1pm. On board, the passengers are nearing the end of their journey. Family await some of them, business meetings with clients await others. For the pilots and cabin crew, it’s the end of another long night shift. Bed is calling.

However, for the aircraft, there is little time for rest. In just two hours time, it’s due to embark on another long journey — this time 11 hours east to Shanghai.

In that short time frame, the current load of passengers and cargo need to be offloaded, the aircraft needs to be cleaned and re-catered before the new passengers and crew board for the next flight.

How does this all take place? What really goes on after you leave the aircraft and before you board? Here’s the low down to all that goes on during the aircraft turnaround.

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