What are the strange noises and sensations you experience on a flight?

Flying is an odd concept. You turn up at a glorified shopping centre to make your way down a narrow corridor into a massive metal tube with 300 other people. That metal tube is then pressurised, accelerated down a 3000-metre strip of concrete and launched seven miles up into the air. You then spend the next 12 hours hurtling through the sky at 550 mph before two people who you’ve never met have the job of bringing that metal tube safely back down to earth.

And some of you choose to do this multiple times a week.

As pilots, we are quite aware of how alien the whole flying experience can be to some people. There’s a whole range of noises and sensations which you’ll only ever experience on an aircraft. Whilst these may not even be noticed by many, for a large number of people who have some form of anxiety about flying, they hear every chime and feel every bump.

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